Alda Banushi


Born and grown up in Albania, but also feeling a global citizen her name is Alda Banushi and she feels so grateful to share her bio with you.

Actually she is a student starting the third year of Computer Engineering but beside her scientic background she has a very strong and deep historical, geographical, geopolitical and political knowledge about every region. She has shown this passion by being awarded as National Albanian winner of History Olympiad 2015 and National Albanian winner of Geography Olympiad 2016 when she was in High School. During the years of High School she also joined many activities related to Albanian integration in EU (joining ROAD2EU project organized by EU in Albania and Austrian Embassy in 2016, where she made a public spot and an analitic essay about the reasons, challenges and benefits of Albania’s integration in EU. Then she joined European Movement in Albania participating in some activities related to EU and Human Rights. She has also partcipated in a training organized by U.S Embassy in the field of Enterpreneurship where they worked on groups and presented their Enterprises ideas to His Excellency Ambassador Mr.Donald Lu. She also developped a platform “Albanian Youth Forum for Integration” with the purpose of informing the young in Albania about International valuable opportunities. Being an active young girl in Civil Society, she was invited to participate in National Youth Congress Assembly when she was in the 2nd year of High School. All these experiences were related to the years of High School.

After graduating with a GPA 4/4 and being a winner in all my 10 University preferences including Engineerings, General Medicine, Economics, Law etc, she decided to study Computer Engineering with the purpose of getting an engineering degree but also not letting behind her passion for IR. There are many succesful politicians such as Angela Merkel and Ursula von Der Leyn who are graduated from Natural Sciences or Medical Background and this makes them understand that politics are not only a profession, but mostly a profession where you can have success if you are passionated about it. During the two years of University she has joined NGOs and Platforms such as United Nations Youth Association of Albania, World Youth Alliance, Western Balkan Youth Cooperation Platform, has participated in an academy organized from JEF Federalist Deutschland, collaborated with RYCO. She is also the ambassador in Albania of European Youth Award an Austrian NGO focused on IT as well as the ambassador of Balkan Beyond Borders starting the collaboration this October. She is going to pursue a bachelor or Master Degree in the eld of IR next year and most of her free time she will keep studying and freelancing on think tanks about Foreign Affairs.