Xhoana Shegani

Contact: albania@esthinktank.com

Xhoana is 19 years old and she has one motto in life : ” Sail the ocean of opportunities with the wind of  hope and fight against the biggest waves so then you will have a higher vision of yourself.” 

Xhoana has always had a personal love about physics and mathematics because everything around us is physics , a kind of elegant messiness for which she is passionately curious. She is also very comfortable with numbers but what makes her love math is all about intuition and creative thinking. It has made her brain sharp and enhanced her observation , calculative and analytical skills. Xhoana has always participated in math and physics Olympics but  she had to find the missing “X” in her life .

She had a vision of herself in the suit of an economist and now she is currently studying Finance at the University of Tirana in her country ,Albania. During her first academic year she took part in some training about economy and leadership. It is what Xhoana loves to do because a strong economy means a well-being population and good for her country is what she wants. She is an observant and patient person and she manages every situation in her life with calmness. Xhoana is also a member of “United Nations Youth Association” in Albania , at the Department of Fundraising. Most of her friends at UNYAA study or have studied Law & Justice so she is starting to cultivate some interests in this field too.

By being chosen as an EST Ambassador in Albania is a pleasure for her to have the opportunity to help Albanian students to express their commitments towards the European Union . There is a huge lack of information about the integration of her country Albania in the big “European Family”, a political and social-economic crisis that has made hopeless a lot of people. She loves her country and believes that they together should follow one line : “Strategy-Management-Teamwork-Success”.