Migle is a third year undergraduate student at Trinity College Dublin, reading Business and Political Science. She is currently on a year abroad at the Universitie de Strasbourg, studying at both EM Business School and Science Po Strasbourg. Migle has been involved in organising and chairing both MUN and MEU Simulations in the past, and is thrilled to have the oppaortunity to advocate on behalf of the European Students Thinktank while on an ERASMUS year in France.

Originally from Lithuania, Migle moved to Ireland when she was just three years old, all as a result of the free movement awarded all EU Citizens. Without the EU, Migle is adamant that she would not have been able to visit as many countries ( 23 and counting!) or had as many opportunities available to her as she does today. Migle is a firm advocate in favour of European Integration, and believes that the benefits awarded to EU Citizens are too often taken for granted and portrayed in a negative light.

Without the work of the European Union, Europe would be a much less inclusive and diversified place, and it is only through continued collaborations with other member states can the EU continue prospering into the future. Migle is delighted to have the opportunity to help bridge the gap between the European Union and its students, as it is only through knowledge and engagement can we help shape a better and brighter tomorrow for all EU Citizens.


EST Visit to the Council of Europe: 7 February 2019

The EST had the pleasure of embarking on a guided tour of the main chamber of the Council of Europe. This was followed up with a thorough Question and Answers session about the work of the Council of Europe, and how the current political climate with Russia will impact the Council moving forward.