A few years ago, by being part of the debate society, Bogdan Diaconu has become a professional debater in the Republic of Moldova. In the meantime, he was working as an executive manager in the Board of “Debate Academy”, organizing local debate championships and participating at international debate tournaments. Therefore, throughout the years he acquired the needed knowledge and experience to get to an international project called “Global in Fellowship” in Berlin, where he improved his public speaking and leadership skills for three weeks. There he also learned about the politics, diplomacy and educational system in the European Union. That contributed a lot when making his decision to continue his studies in a European Country. After Bogdan got the possibility to study in Slovakia as a scholarship student, he began to involve in different activities from Bratislava. He started sharing with the Slovak community his experience, knowledge and public speaking skills by telling regularly his stories on the stage at “Story Night” events. In the meantime, he managed to be a judge at local debate championships from Slovakia, which underlines his personal growth as a debater for the last couple of years. Beside this, Bogdan has organized an “Association of Moldovans in Slovakia”, gathering together all the Moldovan citizens from the Slovak society. Now, they are actively organizing cultural events and share with the world the Moldovan culture and traditions.

Even though he is studying far away from his homeland, he still tries to help the society of Moldova from distance, by writing articles for the Moldovan media and continuing the promotion of the debates in his country.

As an EST Ambassador, he has transparent and clear plans. His main goal for the first two months is to establish a debate club with a leadership inclination at his University of Economy in Bratislava, in order to help the local students develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills.

His organization skills, persuasiveness, and perseverance are to help him to achieve his goals.