Clara is in her third Year taking a degree in International Relations in Ramon Llull University (Barcelona). She considers herself a curious person, with the ambition to be always learning new things and improving. She loves speaking different languages: for that reason she started time ago to learn Arabic and she is looking forward to continue developing her languages skills over time.

She has attended different courses related to International Cooperation and Peace Construction, Global Politics and Diplomacy. She uses to write articles about certain issues such as women’s rights, migrants’ rights and conflict resolution, among others. She is very passionate about fighting for social injustices and enjoys a lot helping for social causes. During her life, she has devoted time to be a social helper. She has done volunteering tasks in Spain (Barcelona) and in Latin America (Ecuador).

In regards her role as EST Ambassador, she looks forward to to make a great diffusion of the institution so that young Europeans participate actively in issues related to European politics. On the other hand, she wants to improve her abilities to organize events. Last but not least, she is willing to make a great effort so that the youth knows and takes advantage of the opportunities that are offered to them.