BackgroundLuis is a graduated economist by the University of Salamanca that is currently specializing in International Economics and Economic Development coursing his Master in the Complutense University of Madrid. Moreover, he had the chance to enjoy an Erasmus scholarship in Leuven, Belgium, which allowed him to get closer to European Institutions, where he would like to work in the future.

Since he began to study, his principal aim has been the understanding of the interrelations and mechanisms that shape the globalized world we live in. Furthermore, he is deeply interested in politics, population, and demographic issues, and concerned about climate change. Consequently, Luis has actively participated in Model of United Nations conferences in Belgium, Spain and Great Britain. Personally, Luis considers himself a creative person with strong analytical skills and critical thinking that can adapt to multicultural and diverse teams.

Regarding what he could add to EST, he wants to foster ideas and values related to democracy, progressivism, and equality among youngsters, trying to encourage them to have a growing interest and know more about the policies applied, and be critical with them, since they definitely affect to their day-to-day.