Marina is an economic student at the University of Sevilla, currently on her fourth and last year of the Bachelor.

The international context has been one of her motivations since the beginning of her educational background. She studied in Ireland, she finished a double French-Spanish Baccalaureate and spent a year in Belgium as an Erasmus student. Her main areas of interest are international and development economics; on which she is aiming to specialise. During her undergraduate studies she has been able to focus on European studies following different courses in Spain and abroad and has been teaching “Economy of the European Union” to foreign students in her city.

Marina is very enthusiastic about discovering new cultures and sharing experiences. On this behalf, she usually participates on international events, MUNs and she has taken part on international volunteering projects.

As the EST Ambassador to Sevilla, Marina is willing to motivate students to expand their interest on the European Union’s policy as well as encouraging the process of sharing opinions and experiences in order to find a more open-minded and concerned society.


(Workshop) Fake News & its Influence on Brexit: 4 December 2018

Are we deceived? Are we manipulated? How does media influence Brexit? Those questions and more will were analysed with professional help in order to understand how fake news affects society. We analysed news that have affected the European Union and, concretely, to the affirmative vote for Brexit.

“European Student Think Tank” in collaboration with Europe Direct Sevilla.

Gathering of Young Multipliers organised by the European Commission

“It was incredibly inspiring to see so many young people engaged on promoting the same values. Everyone was clearly determined about the necessity on voting on the next european elections!! Moreover, efforts were made with our national colleages to analyse how to effectively reach the youth, These ideas were shared with participants from other countries, making from it a fruitful and outstanding debate and brainstorming. We, the youth, are now more than ever concious on our capacity to promote the next EU elections!”