Cosimo is a MSc student of EU Politics at the London School of Economics, after having concluded his undergraduate degree in Politics & International Relations at the University of Manchester.

Originally from Italy, Cosimo has accumulated considerable experience working and studying not only in Europe but also Singapore and New Zealand. His interest for European Affairs is certainly a key trait of his personality: while in Manchester he founded the first European Affairs Society on campus, campaigned hard with the Remain Campaign ahead of the referendum, and then later went on to join a new pan-European political party.

Cosimo believes that more Europe, and not less, shall be the solution to current problems and crises affecting European societies. As a true supporter for further European integration and enlargement, Cosimo intends, during his Ambassadorship at EST, to show how Brexit is revealing the compelling need for reform of the EU as well as the latter’s approach to its citizens.


Visit to the European Banking Authority: 4 December 2018

Around 20 students attended. Some of the topics we covered are the role of the authority within the European banking regulatory system, the mechanisms through which it seeks to coordinate the 28, the outcomes of the recent EU Bank Stress test and the implications of Brexit for the regulatory harmonisation of the Union and the Authority itself. Some interesting and at the same time challenging months ahead for the Authority!