Zoe is currently a postgraduate student of International Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Previously, she has followed the joint-degree undergraduate programme of European Public Administration in the Netherlands as well as in Germany and spent her Erasmus semester in Spain.

Zoe has developed a deep interest in EU decision-making processes, especially in the economic sphere. Before moving to London, she has therefore interned in Brussels in multinational consulting agencies and industry associations. Not least due to her practical experience in European Affairs, she is convinced that the European Union is impacting the life of all Europeans for the better.

Zoe is a true advocate of further European integration and aims at emphasizing the values and possibilities of the Union, which are all too often taken for granted. She especially wants to contribute to making the voice of new generations of Europeans heard. She is happy to engage in discussions on EU politics including constructive criticism, which creates an understanding and brings the EU nearer to its students.


Visit to the European Banking Authority: 4 December 2018

Around 20 students attended. Some of the topics we covered are the role of the authority within the European banking regulatory system, the mechanisms through which it seeks to coordinate the 28, the outcomes of the recent EU Bank Stress test and the implications of Brexit for the regulatory harmonisation of the Union and the Authority itself. Some interesting and at the same time challenging months ahead for the Authority!