Aparajeya Shanker

contact: pleven@esthinktank.com

I am Aparajeya Shanker, EST Ambassador to Bulgaria (Pleven). I am a medical student and have the unique privilege of working with patients through my academic work and through volunteering at medical camps in Bulgaria and India. My core beliefs lie in the democratization of healthcare and medicine, and that as doctors, we must take part in democracy, both as advocates for our patients and as advocates for the truth. 

I have always believed that healthcare is a human right. In the systems of governance, healthcare should be a matter of national and global priority. I also believe that healthcare is dependent on a multitude of factors, but at its core, it revolves around patients and healthcare staff. Healthcare policy has direct ramifications on the lives of people, as is clear with the current pandemic. 

My goal as EST Ambassador to Bulgaria is twofold. I aim to prioritize healthcare policy research and outreach to increase the cooperation between Bulgaria and our colleagues in Europe, and I also wish to bridge the gap between medicine and the general public. The need for tackling healthcare challenges is now a priority and decisive policy change through dialogue, research, and international cooperation is my mandate.