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Young, Educated, Motivated and Unemployed- How to Take Action?

 by Henri Erti. Originally published on 2014/01/09 The Junior Chamber International (JCI) gathered young leaders all across Europe to Brussels in order to take action in breaking the pernicious cycle of youth unemployment. The goal of such an event was… Continue Reading →

Youth employment conditions in the Nordic countries – an example to the rest of Europe?

by Edgaras Mascinskas. Originally published on 2013/12/26 Since the financial crisis of 2008, youth unemployment has increased dramatically across Europe. While only few states experienced minor changes, others, in particular Spain and Greece, have witnessed one of the highest surges… Continue Reading →

European Development Days

by Kristyna Michkova. Originally published on 2013/12/12 On November 26 and 27, the European Development Days (EDD 2013) were taking place in Brussels. EDD 2013 is a forum on international affairs and development cooperation, which is organized by the European… Continue Reading →

Youth Unemployment in the EU: Facts and Fiction

by Henri Erti. Originally published on 2013/09/22 “The Youth Employment Initiative” proposed by both the European Council and Parliament has been declared as another necessary program to adjust the instabilities in the EU labour market. Specifically such program would guarantee… Continue Reading →

Youth unemployment in Europe: Should I stay or should I go?

Originally published on 2013/04/24 One of the drastic consequences of the most recent global fnancial crisis that has deeply touched the European Union -the euro zone in particular- is that more and more young people are seeking opportunities elsewhere. Two videos by the EuroparlTV and the International Labour Organisation… Continue Reading →

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