Call for Applications for Editors 2023-2024 

Calling all students and young professionals! The European Student Think Tank (EST) is looking to recruit new Managing Editors and Editors to become an integral part of our Editorial Office. You will work in an online space alongside our talented Writers. As a Managing Editor you will supervise the production and editing of engaging articles about all things Europe-related. As an Editor you will review and polish insightful and engaging articles on European Affairs topics.

The EST was established in 2010 to provide a platform for young academics to critically explore European affairs, engage with contemporary issues, and develop strong connections with like-minded people. The EST has now accrued a mass following (14,000 Facebook followers and 28,000 LinkedIn followers), so your work will be consumed and appreciated by a wide audience.

As an Editor, you will be responsible for proofreading, reviewing the structure and writing, and strengthening the argumentation of articles received by the Editorial Office. You will work closely with our Managing Editors to get articles in a position for publication.

Benefits and Requirements for Editors


  • You should have, or be in the process of getting, a Bachelor’s degree. Bachelor, Master, and PhD students are welcome, as well as young professionals.
  • No professional editing experience is required to apply to this position, but a strong interest in learning to edit must be demonstrated.
  • You should have an excellent command of the English language (C1)
  • You should have a strong understanding of and interest for European affairs.
  • You should have a working knowledge of APA style referencing.
  • You should be ready to commit to the EST for the term 2023-24 (on average 3-5 hours per week).
  • You should complete our editing exercise (see the Google Form).


  • Read and edit interesting and relevant articles: Editors have the opportunity to read articles on a range of timely topics, which enables them to broaden their grasp of European affairs. Our submissions range from discussions of politics and current events, to theoretical considerations of the idea of Europe itself. No two submissions are the same, and our Editors are always learning! In addition, as you will be placed in a thematic team of your choice, you will not have to work on subject matters you are not interested in.
  • Contribute to the publication of high-quality articles: As an Editor in the EST, you will be tasked with polishing our Writers’ submissions, while benefiting from the guidance of our Managing Editors and Editors-in-Chief. You will be essential in the publication of articles on our website and in our peer-reviewed journal, the European Policy Review.
  • Build a global network: The EST is your chance to work closely with an international team of students and young professionals from both European and non-European countries, and to form connections based on your common interests.
  • Strengthen your skills: As an Editor in the EST, you have access to a range of trainings and opportunities to develop your soft skills, including editing, policy-writing, public speaking, teamwork, and communication.
  • Boost your CV and receive a certificate: Being an Editor in the EST looks great to employers, as it demonstrates a sustained understanding of international and European affairs, and a great interest in and commitment to shaping policy! In addition, we are more than happy to provide a recommendation letter for our Editors once they finish their term with us. 

If you are interested in applying for this role, please fill in this Google Form by January 21, 2024.

*Please be aware that the EST will request a 5€ membership fee per term (from the time of appointment until 31st July) that will contribute to cover the administrative costs of the organisation. 

We look forward to reading your application and if you have further questions please send an email to or