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120 years ago women all over Europe were deprived of their right to vote and had no possibility to participate in democratic decision-making. In 1906 Finland was the first country to introduce the Women’s vote, but it took many years until others followed. Thus, it was only in 1984 that Liechtenstein allowed its female half of the population to have a say in society. 

While a lot has changed for women since then, gender discrimination remains a major challenge. Women still get paid less for doing the same work. In rural areas there are hardly any childcare facilities. Single mothers and female pensioners are at high risk of poverty. And with the #Metoo – movement a new generation of women have spoken out about sexual assault. 

The International Women’s Day (8 march) marks the importance of Gender Equality. On this occasion, the European Student Think Tank welcomes you to write an article about Women’s rights in a European context. Why do we still need feminism? How can we – women and men – finally reach a point of equal and fair opportunities for all? 

Suggested article topics: 

  • The definition of “feminism” and the history of the Women’s Rights Movement 
  • The #Metoo – movement and its influence on feminism and on society
  • Women on managing boards and in leading positions – do we need a quota?
  • Girls studying STEM subjects and women working in manly-dominated fields
  • Hate speech against women in politics, in business, in the arts, etc.
  • Unequal payment between men and women (Pay Gap)
  • Gender disparities in Academia, in Health, in Business, etc.
  • Childcare facilities throughout Europe
  • Prostitution and pornography and its effects on Gender Equality
  • The way in which women get portrayed by the media, in advertisement, in movies or in the fashion and cosmetic world
  • Women in sports
  • Abortion rights 
  • Women and the pharmaceutical industry 

We would also highly appreciate interviews with women leaders or feminist activists!

Suggested length of contributions: 500 to 1500 words

Interested to share your thoughts on the topic? Please send your article to the before the 28th of February

Looking forward to getting your article published soon!