Tekla Scharwaschidze

Contact: austria@esthinktank.com

This year’s position of EST Ambassador to Austria is represented by Tekla Scharwaschidze, who is currently studying International Business Administration at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna. 

Born in Georgia, Tekla immigrated with her family to Austria, when she was three years old. Growing up with a migrant background, she quickly learnt not to take things for granted. Therefore, she always tries to make the most of every educational opportunity of her interest and often steps outside of her comfort zone to ensure personal growth and development. She is aware of the numerous possibilities that the European Union has to offer and wants to strengthen this perception and the European identity among young people. With participating in Speech Contests and Mentoring Programmes, she also initiated charitable projects and organised numerous events, panel discussions and workshops as a Board Member of the Alumni Club of the Verein Wirtschaft für Integration in Vienna (Association Economy for Integration), where she established a great network and gained valuable writing and organisational skills throughout the years.

With regards to this year’s EST Campaign ‘Young Minds Take Action. Let us be heard!’ Tekla not only wants to take action herself in promoting the EU, but is primarily aiming to get in reach with aspiring young people such as EU activists. Thus, is she planning to organise talks and workshops with them in order to motivate and inspire others through their work.