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Deadline: 17th of January

Our everyday lives increasingly take place online. From social media to online banking, from digital fitness tracking to online shopping and same-day delivery we have become used to replacing manual and face-to-face activities with digital ones. While it is true that online activities do not require physical movement and thus, are less time-consuming and more convenient, this new digital age raises unanswered questions. How can we make sure that our civil rights get respected online? What should be done to protect our privacy?

On the occasion of the Data Protection Day (28 January) the European Student Think Tank welcomes you to write an article on privacy rights in a European context. 

Suggested article topics:

  • China and its transparent citizenship (social credit system): What counter model can Europe offer?
  • Corporations and the purchase of big data for marketing purposes
  • To what extend should personal data be accessible to secret services to prevent crime or terrorism?
  • The rise of artificial intelligence and its potential effects on privacy
  • Cyber attacks
  • European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Social security and medical insurance: How much data should be taken into account when covering people’s needs?
  • Privacy at the workplace

Contributions on other topic than the ones listed above are also highly welcomed.

Suggested length of contributions: 500 to 1500 words

Interested to share your thoughts on the topic? Please send your article to before the 17th of January. To make sure that your contribution gets promoted on time, please respect the deadline.

Looking forward to getting your article published soon!