The European Student Think Tank is looking for a Podcast Producer and a Multimedia Producer to work on Speaking of EU, a monthly interview podcast that involves young people in the EU policy-making process and promotes the values of the European Union and Human Rights. The producers will work in concert with the Podcast Coordinator to develop thought-provoking episodes that help listeners understand all sorts of issues related to European and World Politics. The two ideal candidates will be passionate about multimedia storytelling, with a focus on editing videos, audio, and animation.


  •  Pitching episodes and ideas
  •  Producing and reporting
  •  Supporting hosts editorially during interviews
  •  Syncing, cutting interviews, tracking Show assembly, and sound design
  •  Collaborate on scripting episodes with the ability to develop the story arc, outline, and framing of episodes
  •  Book interviews both internally and externally
  •  Building an episode assembly
  •  Being comfortable with being on mic is a bonus
  •  Help manage the long-term editorial calendar

Skills and experience:

  • Good command of English
  • Experience in working on a podcast or video on projects and extracurricular activities related to multimedia content  
  • Demonstrated interest in covering European and World Politics news
  • Experience with remote production is an asset
  • Experience in using using Audition/CapCut and Google Docs is an asset
  • Experience in Sound engineering, Sound Design, and Story Editing is an asset

Note: While both the Podcast Producer and the Multimedia Producer contribute to content creation, the Podcast Producer role typically focuses more on writing, interviewing, and editorial aspects, while the Multimedia Producer role is responsible for technical aspects such as editing audio, video, and animation.

If available, candidates are encouraged to submit their portfolios showcasing their relevant work in multimedia production, including podcasts, videos, or any other relevant projects.

Join our team and contribute to shaping meaningful conversations around European and global issues through the power of multimedia storytelling!

If you are interested, please apply via this form by uploading your CV and (if available) portfolio.

The deadline for application is March 25th but please note that we will assess applications on a rolling basis.

If you have any queries about the role, please contact the Podcast Coordinator at

Note: please be aware that the EST will request a symbolic 5€ membership fee per term (from the moment of appointment until the 31st of July) that will contribute to cover the administrative costs of the organisation.