The European Student Think Tank is proud to present the latest edition of its academic peer-reviewed journal, the European Policy Review, published in August 2018.


This second volume of the European Policy Review does not only reflect the issues the EU is facing internally but also focuses on its relations with other, non-Western countries and their implications for Europe.

In this edition coordinated by the EST 2017-18 Editor-in-Chief Cindy Langer, you will find the following:

  • Arthur Corazza and Severin Rapp – Questioning the Narrative: Posted Workers and Wage Dynamics in the EU Single Market
  • Andras B. Stefanovszky – A Union in Crisis: Bleak Prospects for a Pan-European Public Sphere
  • Alberto Guidi – The Crisis of the EMU as the Result of the Integration of Different Models of Capitalism Within One Incomplete Monetary Union
  • Valerie Sanders – The European Union’s Management of International Crises: The Examples of German Crisis Management in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars
  • Erik Immonen – In Terra Pax Hominibus Bonae Voluntatis?: On the Role of Religion in the Identity Politics Separating Europe and Russia
  • Joren Selleslaghs (ed.) – The European Neighbourhood Policy: Developments and Challenges of Five Partnerships
    • Joren Selleslaghs – Introduction: Revisiting EU Foreign Policy Towards Its Neighbours From an ‘Outside-in’ Interest-Based Approach
    • Emma Hesselink – Algeria: Honour the Past or Spoil the Future
    • Ramesh Ganohariti – Armenia: A Nation at the Crossroads – Cooperation with Russia or the EU?
    • Alexander Borum – Azerbaijan: Beyond Oil and Water
    • Siepke van Keulen and Carl Tobias Reichert – Morocco: Political Price for Economic Strive
    • Janita Jaya and Jeanette van Ooij – Palestine: A Unique Case?
    • Joren Selleslaghs – Conclusion: ENP as Part of a Comprehensive EU Foreign Policy Approach Towards its Neighbourhood