The European Student Think Tank is proud to present the III instalment of its academic journal, the European Policy Review, published in July 2016.

The EPR is available for free to download here.

Enrike Van Wingerden – Editor in Chief:
Amidst the perhaps unfathomable complexity of recent events in Europe: the arrival of many refugees to the EU; attacks in multiple European cities; and the UK’s decision to leave the European project, events that will shape the futures of so many young people around Europe and the rest of the world, the Euro- pean Student Think Tank has remained its vital role as a platform by and for students to engage with one another and articulate their views on these issues. Our most tangible product is what lies in front of you: the third edition of the European Policy Review. The European Policy Review is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes academic, student-written papers on a wide range of topics related to European Union policy and European affairs. In this edition you will find the following:

  • Melle Scholten – The Snowden Files and Agenda-Setting in Eu Foreign Policy
  • Christopher Starke and Lisa Hoffman – Is the Euro crisis a Catalyst for European Identity?: The complex relationship between conflicts, the public sphere and collective identity
  • Amparo Santiago – Workplace Sexual Harassment in Europe: The Hard-Law Definition
  • Filippo Barbagli – The Quest for a European Autonomous Security Policy: A Cinderella Complex case?
  • Patric McQuillian and Lamprini Basdeki – Bridging the Gap Towards a new Transatlantic Cyber-Security Framework
  • Allard Janus – Net Neutrality and Institutional Compromises
  • Joanna Raduszewska – Window of Opportunity: Will 2016 be a Breakthrough for TTIP?