Born in Brussels to a French mother and an Austrian father, Elodie always considered herself a European citizen, first and foremost. Witnessing the major crisis the EU is currently facing, she decided to take action and engage in the European project.

Elodie has an intense passion for writing – whether it is columns, essays or poetry. She published several articles on EU related issues in newspapers. After her graduation from high school she wrote an open letter on the topic of education addressed to Austrian political representatives.

Apart from writing, Elodie has a special interest in advocating fundamental rights, tolerance and equality. She was the winner of the national multilingual speech competition “SAG’S MULTI”. In May 2018 she was the concluding speaker of the memorial ceremony for victims of the Nazi-Regime and against violence and racism, organised by the Austrian Parliament.

After her summer internship in Paris, Elodie is now studying law at the University of Economics in Vienna.