Borche Trajanov is currently studying Sociology at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje as well he has taken parallel studies at the Iustinianus Primus Faculty of Law also in Skopje. He was the President of the students of Sociology for 2 years and was part of many faculty comities on his university. There he has organize many student conferences on a diverse range of topics and was involves in crucial decision making policy on his faculty

In addition to this, he was also working for 3.5y as a secretary and a member of the executive board for the EDRM (European Movement in Republic of Macedonia – NGO ) who is continually acting upon the affirmation of the EU integration process in Republic of Macedonia as well as towards creating conditions for accelerating the integration process of the Republic of Macedonia towards the EU.

He has been working closely with many municipalities and ministries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture) in his country, organizing international conferences. He was part of many educational programs (as an educator) for obtaining knowledge about the EU for different age groups (seminars, lectures, debates, quizzes etc.) And held many cultural manifestation for the affirmation of the European values and for the strengthening of the social cohesion between the Eu and Macedonia.

He has help Organizing different forums to address, the enterprises and the local communities for wider democratization and respect for human rights and freedom as well as the labor rights in his country (organizing public debates, panel discussions, press conferences international conferences etc.)

His aim is to help students learn, to broaden and deepen there knowledge even more about the EU and Eu institutions, and how everything operates and functions, to give them a platform on which they operate and can get involved and be more equipped of getting involved into EU decision making policy and processes.