Inês is 21 years-old, raised in a small city called Sesimbra and now living in Lisbon. She is taking a Bachelor in International Relations in University of Lisbon and working part-time.

She has been involved with several activities inside university scope: she has led the International Relations Students’ Union, leading a team of about 30 people with the goal of providing extracurricular activities for the students in this area, such as conferences, simulations, workshops, as well as managing PACTA – their scientific magazine in International Relations. Besides this, she is a part of HeForShe working group, a UN movement towards gender equality, with several groups spread out around the world and also is a member and works in the Communication Department of NAPA, a academic group for environmental protection.

In a more formal context, she has done an internship at Political Observatory, a scientific association focused on Political Science, having worked with the elaboration of a newsletter, contributing to an edition of the Portuguese Journal of Political Science and being engaged with the communication work.

Outside university, she is a part of the direction of UWC Portugal. UWC stands for United World Colleges, which are 17 colleges spread around the globe with the aim of active engagement and education for peace, under the IB programme. UWC Portugal is the national committee, responsible for selecting portuguese students for the colleges, as well as providing them the support they need for the following two years, as well as organizing meeting ups for Alumni and preparation courses and sometimes engaging in international conferences that gather people from the different committees.

She has also been engaged with Erasmus + Programme, being a international trainer in a training course focused on Arts, Sexuality and Gender, held in Austria, in 2018 and hoping to organize more in the future.

With a passion for Gender Studies, travelling, photography and writing, Inês hopes to build her career around these topics, hoping to pursue a Master’s in Gender Studies somewhere around Europe.