Giosè Venuto


Last year student of Master’s Degree in International Relations, University of Messina, Italy, with Bachelor Degree in Sciences of administration, Department of Political Sciences. Ever owned regard for social sciences, in related studies, activities, experiences and culture, with the relevance of social commitment as priority element of formation, growth and goals.

Experiences in new journalism in local radio transmissions and web network journals for free information, opinion and points focused in society, policy, economy problems; then cultural and social aspects with writing articles and information resources, conferences and local institution projects.

In 2014 the NMUN NY experience in New York with the meeting in the UN, of university students around the world. An international student simulation of international organizations as UN, Unido. With the local university, represented the Delegate of a State (Belgium) for institutional goals in student’s group through formal and informal sessions. This aim the strong interest to achieve language, digital, civic and practice skills in international frameworks of global and european institutions and platforms.

With the EST, professional goals of being present, as european citizen in the EU working life in practice of policy, administration, social, culture, institution and jurisdiction aspects. In favor to research, find and regulate plans and solutions to the issues of the economies; following goals as sustainable develop, environmental politics. Thus viewing the history of EU institutions with civil, political and social rights guaranteed and making actual through empowerment of democratic multilevel governance and reforms to stay near in facts into the European Union policy.