Pierfrancesco Maria Lanza

Contact: reggiocalabria@esthinktank.com

Pierfrancesco Maria Lanza is a current Law student at the “Mediterranea University” of Reggio Calabria. 

Since he was a teenager, he has been passionate about International law and European Union law, mostly about European Union international relations and how them could affect common people’s lives. Thanks to this passion, he took part in many international events, making exciting experiences in some institutional simulations. 

As a member of many associations, ranging from volunteering to cultural ones, he built a huge net of contacts with many people and led also the organization of social events, according to his team- working and social bonds-making skills. He was a member of the Municipal Youth Council of his town, which is near where he studies. 

Due to his love for trips, he tried to travel as much as possible to learn about different cultures and people, both far away and close ones, and this allowed him to learn and improve other languages and his academic education. Indeed, he speaks fluently English and can also speak a bit of Spanish, French and some words of Arabic and Russian. 

He loves also to write articles about international relations and he is also interested in the link between human rights and diplomacy and how it can be the best course of action to guarantee their protection. 

As the EST Ambassador in Italy, Pierfrancesco is willing to make Italian students aware about the many youth opportunities that EU offers every day and motivate them to take part in the European Union’s policy, as well as getting in touch with many people throughout Europe, in a healthy and stimulating community of people who want to build a better society.