Chiara Filippeschi


A currently second-year Bachelor student in Applied Interlinguistic Communication at the University of Trieste, Chiara Filippeschi was born and brought up in Pisa, Tuscany. Her dream is to become a professional interpreter, a journalist or an expert in International Relations in her future. She is passionate about reading and learning foreign languages, and she has had several interesting international experiences, such as an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Serbia on the theme of migrations in summer 2017 and a volunteering opportunity at Bradford Literature Festival in Bradford, UK. Her student life in Trieste also gave Chiara the chance to think about borders and differences, because the city has had a central role in Italian and Central European history and is still home to people coming from very different parts of Europe. 

Chiara is always ready to set herself new challenges. Her determination and willing for social engagement and learning has also led her to apply for a scholarship at Collegio Universitario Luciano Fonda, the University’s merit college. In this merit college students are addressed with a wide range of short courses and seminars, which provide them with knowledge and information they would not gain in their university courses. The networking of this college experience has taught Chiara how to make her voice heard and strengthened her potential. 

Chiara has a lot of ideas and is determined to do her best in order to provide EST with her contribution. She is also sure that she will learn a lot from her experience with EST.