Applications to the Working Groups 2022-2023 (CLOSED)

General benefits for all Working Group Members

Opportunity to gain experience in a thriving and developing team: The EST was founded in 2010 and has been growing over the years. We are now present in the 5 continents, formed by more than 100 members, including more than 30 nationalities.

A Global Network: The EST is your chance to work closely with an international team of young people taking up the roles of researchers and editors, from both European and non-European countries, and to form connections based on your common interests.

Skills: Volunteering for the EST will shape and develop a variety of skills, from improving your writing skills and learning new writing styles, to put into practice creative skills by making infographics or participating in our Podcast. 

CV: The EST will look great to an employer, demonstrating a passionate interest in shaping policy and the world around it, and a sustained understanding of international and European affairs! We are more than happy to provide a certificate of participation for our contributors once they finish their terms with us.

Click below for more information on the application for each working group that is still open. Good luck! We look forward to receiving your applications!

There are currently no working groups with open applications