Applications to join the EST Podcast Team are now OPEN!

The position is unpaid and open to students and young professionals with a good command of English.  

Would you like to make a real impact on the discussions shaping the future of Europe? Are you keen to work with a diverse international team as part of a multinational think tank? Do you have experience editing, scripting or hosting a podcast, or are you looking to gain some? Then, this might be the perfect opportunity! 

The European Student Think Tank is an international forum for student-led discussions on European policy and practice, bringing together like-minded individuals from across Europe and beyond. 

Podcast Sound Editor

Roles and Responsibilities

As a Sound Editor you will:

  • Perform sound editing tasks to finalise the publication process. This includes collecting tracks from our guests, organising the dedicated drive section, converting and editing all tracks into final episodes ready for publication; 
  • Occasionally contribute to the recording and content creation process where necessary; 
  • Working with hosts and guests to revise the content and make sure everything is in line with EST standards (including a final quality check).


  • Opportunity to gain experience in a thriving and developing team: EST’s podcast channel is ready to enter its third season after reaching listeners across 61 countries! 
  • A Global Network: The EST is your chance to work closely with an international team of writers, editors and creatives from both European and non-European countries, and to form connections based on your common interests.
  • Skills: Volunteering for the EST will shape and develop a variety of skills, from your ability to communicate in a team and organise around differing commitments, to strengthening your understanding of the different publication and writing styles through our training workshops. 
  • CV and Recommendation Letter: The EST will look great to an employer, demonstrating a passionate interest in shaping policy and the world around it, and a sustained understanding of international and European affairs! We are more than happy to provide a recommendation letter for our contributors once they finish their terms with us.


  • Excellent command of the English language. 
  • Experience with podcast/radio scripting and sound editing is desirable;
  • Demonstrated interest and/or background in European affairs, including politics, culture, economics, climate and security is required; 
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills; 
  • Strong organisational and time management skills; 
  • Experience in team leadership or past coordinating roles is desirable; 
  • A minimum commitment to the EST for one year is required, covering the 2022-23 academic year. 
  • No conflict with similar jobs/organizations is essential. 

 Application Process

You will be required to submit the following documents to support your applications. 

  • CV/Resume 
  • A Cover Letter that includes: 
    • Your motivation
    • Your experience with podcasts (if applicable) 
  • An original script, recording, editing sample or article
  • Optional portfolio/links to previously published material.

Please complete your application by filling in this form: 

The call for applications will be open until filled. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. 

For any further information or clarification, email us at