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Forged in crises: How the EU rediscovers solidarity with its back against the wall

Writer: Riccardo Vinci   Percy Bysshe Shelley once said that “poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world”. Such a statement might sound anachronistic at a time in which political decisions are frantically taken in the 280-character fence provided by… Continue Reading →

UK-Sino Relations: Balance or Bandwagon?

Writer: Harvey Dryer A watershed moment in British foreign relations  China is the world’s newest superpower. It poses a substantial threat to Western democratic values and challenges the USA politically and economically on the global stage. The emerging competition between… Continue Reading →

The human cost of meat: COVID-19 exposes the dark side of the meat industry

Writer: Milena Sagawa Krasny Slaughterhouses have emerged as perfect breeding grounds for Coronavirus, clearly exposing the brutality of the meat industry, both for the workers and animals. At the same time, evidence suggests that those with underlying health conditions associated… Continue Reading →

Save the WOMEN or Save the ECONOMY?

  Written by Mehak Gauba   Introduction Gender Equality (GE) is conceptualized as the provision of equal rights and treatment of genders without any discrimination between men and women. Historically, the issues relating to GE have been given lesser significance… Continue Reading →

Gender Equality and Educational Opportunities: Can Gender Shape Your Career?

Written by Antonella Cariello The concept of equality has been discussed for centuries, and different theories have tried to unpack its meaning as well as to how to ensure equality in everyday life. Today, equality is defined in its twofold… Continue Reading →

The Worldwide Infection: Capital, not Covid

Author: Harvey Dryer   Whilst reflecting on life during lockdown, many people have craved a return to ‘normal.’ A normality that includes commodity fetishism, alienation of work, and selfish economic behaviour. Such reflections should be cast out along with existing… Continue Reading →

Applications for the Working Group on Public Health & Policy

Call for Applications is now OPEN!   Deadline: 30 September 2020   The European Student Think Tank (EST), a Pan-European youth organization, is currently seeking to recruit new team members to form the Working Group on Public Health & Policy…. Continue Reading →

Role of Brexit in Gender Equality

Author: Tabea Boeglin In June 2016, as a result of a referendum held in the United Kingdom (UK), voters decided that the UK was going to leave the European Union (EU); otherwise commonly referred to as “Brexit”. Results showed that… Continue Reading →


Applications for Editors and Writers (Full-time Writers and Columnists) are OPEN! Would you like to make a real impact on the discussions shaping the future of Europe? Are you keen to work with a diverse international team as part of… Continue Reading →

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