A second chance

Artist: Antypova Tetiana (Антипова Тетяна)

Bone marrow transplantation is a part of a complex treatment for a number of diseases and health conditions. In it’s core lies transplanting hematopoietic stem cells into recipient’s organism. For some people it indeed is a second chance in life.


Healing colors

Artist: Avramenko Hanna (Авраменко Ганна) 

You must agree that often each of us experiences moments of sadness, despair, hopelessness. Domestic problems, the disorder in your relationships…This is such nonsense compared to when it comes to health. Of course, there can be many factors in the development of diseases (heredity, professional, bad habits, etc.), but the older I become, the more I understand: the instability of psychological well-being plays almost the main role in the triggering mechanism of all diseases, including oncology, which is gaining speed more and more every day! You should think about it: what is your inner world like when you are worried or sad? The world is filled with gray colors. Take a deeper look inside yourself. Imagine what makes you happy and brings you a state of serenity and joy. Delicious food, sea, communication with beloved ones, travel, hobbies. Do you feel how the soul is filled with light and bright colors? We are able to help ourselves, help others, adding emotions and hobbies every day to a new color. The doctor does everything possible so that the patient gets out of the fetters of the disease, helping with all his might. Keep your inner rainbow alive.

Bunch of cells

Artist: Boiko Yuliia (Бойко Юлія)

In the human body, the infinity of cells gather in tissues and organs as we know them, but if you look deeper, you can see the amazing world created by the hands of nature. In one person there is a whole universe that is hidden from view without the help of science. With the help of this picture, the author wanted to convey how strange, unique and colorful is what we consist of.

Exhausted happiness

Artist: Doichuk Svitlana (Світлана Дойчук)

This picture shows feelings of a person at the end of a fight for their life. She Is exhausted from everything she’d come through, but she also is incredibly happy to put an end to her suffering and to star living a normal life.

STOP the Spread

Artist: Ioannidou Theodora

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), COVID-19 cases have been reported in all EU/EEA countries and the UK with a moderate risk of severe disease for the general population and very high for older adults and individuals with chronic underlying conditions (1). Thus, it is of high importance to stop the spreading of the virus. One of the main prevention measures is  the washing of hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and the use of alcohol-based solutions, gels or tissues (1). It is also recommended to stay one metre or more away from symptomatic individuals, to reduce the risk of infection through respiratory droplets (1).

The red color in the artwork, symbolizes the danger of the infection, while the light blue color of the palm symbolizes the hygiene and sanitation. The blue color also resembles security, in this case of a person who is wise enough to follow the recommended protocols. The shape of the palm resembles a stop sign, a declaration of someone refusing to get infected by the virus or further transmit it, either by hand hygiene or by physical distancing, as mentioned above.    

(1) European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Breast Cancer: doodling the education

Artist: Ioannidou Theodora

Breast cancer is the most common form in women, accounting for 28% of the total in the WHO European Region  and claims the lives of more European women than any other cancer (1,2). This is why it is important to raise awareness towards this condition.

The artwork tries to combine the basic facts about breast cancer in a creative way. In the artwork one can recognize the mammal gland with the adipose tissue and the lymphatic vessels indicated by green) surrounding it. The black circles indicate the most frequent locations for breast cancer to be developed (upper inner quadrant -UIQ- and periareolar region, as well as the metastasis in the axillary lymph node). The regional  lymphatic nodes are marked as letters of the word “cancer” (with one exception) and the pink/fuchsia color is used, as the representative color in Breast Cancer’s awareness ribbon.

(1) World Health Organization (WHO), Regional Office for Europe

(2) Europa Donna, the European Breast Cancer Coalition

Wonderfull doctor (reproduction)

Artist: Kaizer Olya (Каізер Ольга) 

This art represents us one of the most famous and noble surgeon and anatomist of the XIX century – Mykola Pyrohov. He managed to do almost unbelievable things. The way he did his surgeries helped to reduce many cases of amputation during the Crimean War. He also did a great amount of investigations in topographic anatomy. He used freezed bodies to discover the body structure and to improve his surgical methods. He was the first one to use ether anesthesia in the battle field. For me, this man is a legend, one of those great experimenters who create history.

Inimmaginabile loro dolore

Artist: Korduban Ilona (Кордубан Ілона)  

Breathe without pain

Artist: Kovalchuk Kateryna (Ковальчук Катерина

In this work, I want to emphasize the importance of paying attention to respiratory diseases, especially in the face of current events. Respiratory diseases remain the most common pathology in the structure of population morbidity world and is a global health problem, first and foremost because of their high prevalence among the working population, constant progression, hidden clinic, frequent combination of different lung pathologies and aggravating effects on comorbidities. Therefore, it is important to understand how important prevention and timely treatment is to preserve your health!

Medicine of the future

Artist: Krasnova Tayisiya (Краснова Таїсія)

Cell therapy is an innovative, very promising method of treating diseases and injuries. This allows you to restore damaged body tissues and organs through transplantation of new healthy cells. However, such treatment is associated with risks, and the process of removing these cells is complex and requires jewellery accuracy. Therefore, this branch of medicine is actively developing and overcoming the difficulties encountered.

Bona valetudo melior est quam maximae divitiae

Kristina Honchar (Христина Гончар) 

Infinite cycle

Artist: Lishchuk Kateryna (Ліщук Катерина) 

It’s amazing how our world works. How can a new life or an early death be formed from the same material, especially oncological diseases develop from stem cells. For example, there are different kinds of teratomas and other forms of this pathological process as tumors. If just change a link in a huge food chain, cells can become cancer. These cancer cells are characterized by loss of differentiation, simplification, atypism and their separation becomes uncontrolled.  However, this complicated or deathly process isn’t sufficiently studied to say that we won over him, but medical community is moving step by step to the goal. However, we must not forget that prevention is a very important part of the fight with this illness. In 6 countries of EU medical scientists are in active research and development of hails. But all of us should remember that Carcinogenic substances prevent the appearance of tumors.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself. All the best wishes.

lungs’ cancer

Artist: Mala Daria (Мала Дар’я) 

For me, this picture is presented by the fact that every person who lives with this disease should feel this.  That is, how everything blossoms in this picture, a person should really be. No need to give up. One must believe that soon everything will be fine and there will be no more suffering.  You need to rejoice and bloom from the inside, giving this good and joy to your loved ones.

Cell Division

Artist: Moskal Anastasiia (Москал Анастасія) 

Each cell has a division mechanism, controlled and suppressed in adulthood.

It is currently unclear why most cancers occur. Suddenly, something goes awry in the cell and this division mechanism begins to work again. When our cell begins to divide uncontrollably, it becomes a tumor.

De nihĭlo nihil

Artist: Nesteryk Daria (Нестерук Дар’я) 

We need to remember that time doesn’t forget, and everything from the past goes into the future. Everything our descendants will get is in our hands. We have the power to change the number of predictable diseases when reading the genetic code. 

May the path we carve throughout our life be right.

Confrontation of the doctor and death

Artist: Sauliak Anna (Сауляк Анна) 

The journey to becoming a doctor is very long and complicated. The doctor’s goals encompass the relief of pain and suffering, the promotion of health and the prevention of disease, the forestalling of death and the cure of disease when possible and the care of those who can not be cured. It is therefore important to remember the importance of the doctors’ profession in such a difficult time for world – during the pandemic of COVID-19.

Hello. It’s us

Artist: Zhyrulyk Yurii (Жирулик Юрій) 

It is clear that human is the most powerful species on the planet. We’ve changed the world so much, that it won’t be the same as it used to be before us. We can do everything, we think. But, according to the last events in the world we get helpless facing something invisible. I mean the very tiny organisms that cause infectious and parasitic diseases. We actually underestimate them and can’t even imagine that they are real hosts of the planet. They know a lot about us as they witnessed our appearance here. So, they can potentially run the world!