Dussu Djabula

Contact: lisbon@esthinktank.com

Dussu is a 19 years old NOVA Law student, shés currently in her second year. Dussu has always been quite involved in youth movements and associations. Dussu is currently in AIESEC, which is an NGO that was formed after World War 2, and it’s main goal is to promote intercultural exchange. In AIESEC Dussu leads a team of Incoming Global Talent, in this position she reaches out and maintains relationships with companies to open opportunities for foreigners to work in Portugal. Also she’s a part of the Bringing Europeans Together Association in Portugal, in which she recently became the President of the Fiscal Council. Dussu’s greatest achievement is the fact that she founded the very first HeForShe club at her university, and was given the honor of becoming it’s President. As the President of HeForShe at she leads 35 people that are a part of the club. She also establishes and oversees the implementation of strategies. 

With this diverse background Dussu intends to bring a fresh perspective to European Student Think Tank and contribute to a broader dialogue about the european reality for the youth. She believes that students should be increasingly more engaged when it comes to the European decision making process. That’s the biggest reason why she became an Ambassador for EST.