Egil Sturk


Egil is definitely a stable genius who knows a lot of things; the best things; big, beautiful things. He was born and raised among reindeers and pine trees in a Swedish mining community north of the arctic circle. He has studied Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg and International Relations, Law, Economy, and Security at Yonsei University in South Korea. He has volunteered and contributed to campaigns for e.g freedom of speech issues and prisoners of conscience in Iran, Bangladesh and Russia. Egil is the current – but soon to be superseded – editor in Chief for Utblick Magazine and board member of the Society for International Affairs Gothenburg. His fields of interest include: International Human Rights Law, Transitional Justice, Nationalism, Democratization, Diplomacy, and Populism. Like so many other unsuspecting liberal idealists, the referendum in Perfidious Albion and the election of Mango Mussolini in 2016 had him shook, but it also strengthened his commitment to the ideals of the European Community. 

Aside from academic interests, he is an avid fan of 70s Cinema, modern European literature, jazz and boom-bap beats. He enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and is – in his own humble opinion – an excellent amateur cook. Finally, he is an aspiring polyglot, internet denizen and meme aficionado.