The European Student Think Tank is proud to present the latest edition of its academic peer-reviewed journal, the European Policy Review, published in September 2019.


This second volume of the European Policy Review does not only reflect the issues the EU is facing internally but also focuses on its relations with other, non-EU countries and their implications for Europe.

In this edition coordinated by the EST 2018-19 Editor-in-Chief Tawanda Munyuki, you will find the following:

  • Caitlin Masoliver  – Cohesive Member State Interests as Central to the Success of EU Foreign Policy? Evaluating the Obstacles to the Effectiveness of the European Neighbourhood Policy.
  • Alice Kattago – The Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Contemporary Europe.
  • Christina Keßler –  Esprit de Corps in the European External Action Service: Analysing the Challenge Through Principal-Agent Theory.
  • Károly Gergely – International Conditionality and Democratic Backsliding in Eastern and Central Europe.
  • Mirta Bašelović – European Union Accession Conditionality and Serbia: An Examination of the Effectiveness of the EU’S Accession Negotiation Strategy.
  • Hannah Brandt – What Future Lies For  EU-Armenian Relations After the  ‘Velvet Revolution’ in the Spring of 2018.
  • Dmitry Erokhin – Greater Europe From Lisbon to Vladivostok: Challenges and Perspectives of a Common Economic Space.
  • Eric Adamson – Europe’s Balancing Act: Finding Security Between Trump and Putin.
  • Eric Adamson Defending The Information Space!
  • Adriana Mara –  The Role of Non-State Actors in EU Cybersecurity Policy: Towards a Cyber- Resilient Europe.