The European Student Think Tank is proud to present the latest edition of its academic peer-reviewed journal, the European Policy Review, published in October 2020.

In 2014, the European Student Think Tank established the European Policy Review, a peer reviewed journal. The journal aims to publish academic papers by undergraduate and postgraduate  students on topics related to policymaking in the European Union. All papers are submitted to an  anonymous peer-review process conducted by graduate and doctoral students. This year marks  the beginning of the third volume of the European Policy Review. The journal is published  annually.

In this edition coordinated by the Editors-in-Chief Loyle Campbell Editor-in-Chief and Christos Tsagkaris, you will also find:

  • Arthur Corazza Severin Rapp – Questioning the narrative: Posted Workers and Wage Dynamics in the EU Single Market.
  • Irina Betancor Almeida – The anti-TTIP campaign: a paradigmatic example of the use of  outside strategies to increase salience at the EU level.
  • Sabrina Nucciotti – Let’s forget about it! When a picture can cost you an entire  career: The GDPR “right to be forgotten” as a way to address  the harm of non-consensual pornography on female victims’  job opportunities during pre-employment screenings.
  • David Llorens  Fernández – The European Union and The Democratic Legitimacy: The  role of the European Parliament and National Parliaments.
  • Martyna Anna  Wierzbicka – Bilateral relations or adhesion? How the EU-Turkey statement affects the negotiations and its  consequences on migration nowadays.
  • Giulia Gallinella – Reforms to the governance of the Economic and Monetary  Union after the Eurozone crisis: analysing the failures and  successes.
  • Marina Navarro & Pierfrancesco Maria Lanza – A Global EU External Action: Aims, Tools and Achievements.
  • Antonella Cariello – The EU Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2025 and the need to  ensure trans-gender equality.
  • Aurelian Dragoș Mohan, Silvia López Arnao, Yilmaz Akkoyun, Canberk Benning & Carlos Martinez  Garcia – Brexit as a catalyst for change.
  • Raul Emilio Fretes Diaz Romero – An Overview of European Climate Policy Impact on  Portugal’s Climate Policy Development throughout the First  Phase of the Kyoto Protocol 2008-2012.
  • Isobel Bruce Luke Cavanaugh – A New Special Relationship? Reenvisaging Global  Counterterrorism and UK-EU Security Cooperation in the  Brexit Age.