Closed for this academic year

Organized by former Dutch Ambassador Hester Mennes, the Amsterdam working group on the refugee crisis was composed by a team of eleven students and professionals with interdisciplinary backgrounds, who critically reflect on the causes, responses and consequences of the refugee crisis.

Dutch EST Ambassador Hester Mennes welcomed two guest lecturers:

Job Cohen, previously mayor of Amsterdam and former state secretary of Justice in the Netherlands, joined the discussion on the meaning of solidarity and cultural differences from local, national and European level perspectives. Besides his current work as a professor in Municipal Law, he presides the oldest refugee foundation of the Netherlands, UAF.

Professor Hein de Haas, former co-director of Oxford’s International Migration Institute, discussed the current EU policy response and debunked a number of myths regarding present-day migration. Besides lecturing at Oxford, De Haas has consulted and advised institutions like the European Union and the International Organization for Migration.

This report provides a historical background, a legal framework and an approach to an integration policy on a social and political scale. On behalf of the European Student Think Tank Board we would like to thank Hester for her brilliant piece of research and her commitment to Human Rights.

You can download the report here.