Month November 2015

France fighting ISIS- a legitimate use of force under international law?

By Johannes Tropper, student of Law at the University of Vienna and ambassador to Austria for the European Student Think Tank. The heinous attacks in Paris have shaken the whole of Europe. The French President described the attacks by ISIS… Continue Reading →

ACI – Kieskompas – EST

Yesterday evening the EST met with some very interesting partners to discuss our new cooperation! Together with Andre Krouwel from Kieskompas, and Jason Deegan, Fridtjof Klareng Dale and David Healion from Anti-Corruption International we broke bread and shared some amazing… Continue Reading →

To what extent does the European Parliament play a role in CSDP and does this enhance democratic accountability?

By Onna Malou van der Broek, Master’s student Conflict Studies and Human Rights at Utrecht University and writer for the European Student Think Tank Since the establishment of the European Union, democratic accountability or the so-called democratic deficit has been… Continue Reading →

Dutch Foreign Policy in turbulent times

Last week the Dutch Parliament was scheduled to discuss the budget for the Dutch foreign policy. Due to the horrific attacks in France, another plenary debate was scheduled on the growing threat of terrorism and the Dutch approach to handling… Continue Reading →

Pope Francis: Marxist or Smithsonian?

Political science student Manouck Schotvanger shares her sharp analysis with us on Pope Francis. In this piece she answers the question whether our Argentinian Pope is himself more of a Marxist or a Smithsonian!  A week after Pope Francis was… Continue Reading →

Reactions to the Paris attacks: A Tale of Nationalism and Hypocrisy

Elisa Schramm is a student of International Relations (Research) at the London School of Economics and Political Science and hold a bachelor’s degree from Sciences Po Paris.  As early as the evacuation of the stadium, the spectators of the Franco-German friendly… Continue Reading →

Spiral of Hate: Walls of Intolerance vs the Need for Unity

By Sabrina Valeria Ronco, student of International Studies at Leiden University and writer for the European Student Think Tank.  Contemplations on the horrendous event in Paris on Friday, the 13th of November, feel to us like they are too heavy… Continue Reading →

The Republicans versus Europe

Former EST President shares his view! What would the presidencies of Donald Trump, Ben Carson or Marco Rubio mean for Europeans? Marten Kooistra will answer this original question for us.  Despite being still 12 months away, the American presidential elections… Continue Reading →

Educational visit to the European Commission Representation in Austria

On the 14th of October the EST organized a visit to the European Commission Representation in Austria to get an insight into the work of an EC Representation. Our Austrian Ambassador Johannes Tropper writes vividly about his experience during this… Continue Reading →

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