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Russia and the West in Syria: A question of global hegemony?

As 2016 came to an end, the immense cruelty of the Syrian Civil War once again revealed itself to the public. The bombings of Aleppo have shown the world how fragile the international system can be, when national power interests… Continue Reading →

European Student Think Tank to host EU youth debate in Spanish Congress

On Friday the 31st of March the European Student Think Tank will host a debate in Spanish Congress at 12H on foreign and European policy in which 90 students will share their vision on the future of Europe. In March… Continue Reading →

Interview with UNHCR South Sudan spokesperson Eujin Byun

By Carlota Núñez Strutt. There is little knowledge or a European collective conscience of the conflict torn country that 1,5 million refugees have fled from, in North Eastern Africa: South Sudan. A country that, alongside Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, is… Continue Reading →

Momentum – The past and future of a movement

  In the past few weeks the Momentum political movement has risen from its unborn ashes to resist against the establishment’s idea of social prosperity: The 2024 Olympic Games. Within a few weeks they collected over 266 thousand (counting is… Continue Reading →

Minorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina recognises Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs as constitutive peoples along with “Others”. Those who identify themselves as others are ineligible to become members of the Presidency or the upper house of the Parliamentary… Continue Reading →

A Major Step Forward in European Defence Integration

    This article is a part of research activities of the EU Foreign Policy Research Group Due to Europe’s deteriorating security situation, there is a pressing need to do more in terms of cooperation and coordination among the EU… Continue Reading →


    This article is a part of research activities of the EU Foreign Policy Research Group. The European Union is unlike any other entity, a ‘trendsetter’ in the areas of economy, domestic politics and international affairs. Functioning as a… Continue Reading →

Being A European Citizen

The concept of “European citizenship” appeared in 1992 in the Treaty of Maastricht, forty years after the establishment of the European Communities. Certain states see it as an infringement upon their national sovereignty, as national citizenship is symbolic of sovereign… Continue Reading →

Battleground: Europe

In the last few years, tensions between the East and West has been on the rise. One might think that the Cold War would be a thing of the past, yet terrifyingly, current situations show that this struggle of power… Continue Reading →

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