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On Friday the 31st of March the European Student Think Tank will host a debate in Spanish Congress at 12H on foreign and European policy in which 90 students will share their vision on the future of Europe.

In March of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome of the European Union, Europe is possibly facing its most critical moment since the end of World War Two. The nationalisms that threw Europe into the last world war have resurged in a political scape that is more and more polarized, among a crisis of confidence in our institutions and an unsustainable globalization. Now more that ever it is imperative to reform the European Union in order to preserve longest peace project in history.

With the participation of our panel of experts, from the European Parliament, Spanish Congress, NGOs, from academic investigation and from the press, and together with the generation of young people that will inherit the European project and upon whom falls the responsibility of reconstructing it, we will debate the future of the European Union, analysing from the refugee crisis, to the Monetary Union, to terrorism, journalism and the post-truth era and the legacy of history in the EU.


Javi López, Member of the European Parliament, Member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs.

Estrella Galán, Secretary General of the Spanish Commission of Aid to Refugees (CEAR).

Carlota Merchán, Member of Spanish Congress for Madrid, Secretary of cooperation and migration of the PSOE.

Juan Andrés García Martín, Doctor in history, Professor in the King Juan Carlos University.

Lucía Mbomio, Reporter in Afroféminas y Aquí la Tierra

José Manuel Benito Díaz-Mayordomo, Secretary of JEF Madrid.

Carlota Núñez Strutt, President of the European Student Think Tank



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