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How to leave the EU without making a mess of it (and why it’s still not worth it)

Written by Juuso Järviniemi Disclaimer: This article has already been published with The New Federalist. You can find the article here. As Brexit is destroying the UK’s economy, national unity and international reputation, many have correctly pointed out that observing… Continue Reading →

How ‘hybrid’ brought NATO and the EU together

Written by Angelica Puntel Changes in the European security environment stemming from Russia’s hybrid aggression against Ukraine and illegal annexation of Crimea (February-March 2014) forced the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to face the return of power politics to the… Continue Reading →

Is Gender Justice a Mechanism For Climate justice?

Several thousand people march in the climate march at COP24 in Katowice, Poland. Photo: © Greenpeace Written by Sumudu Lankika Ginigathgala Climate change affects everyone. The European Union is home to about seven per cent of the citizens of the world,… Continue Reading →

Defining Terrorism: A matter of perspective

Written by Andri Stavrou “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”  – “Darrell Trent, 1974” The phrase has been found in numerous sources and texts. Every author defined it according to his/her own perspective taking into consideration factors such as… Continue Reading →

Defending the Information Space: Russian Disinformation and Western Responses

Written by Eric Adamson “The problem with phrasings in which the noun “war” is qualified by an adjective such as “hybrid” is that they sound like “war minus” when what they really mean is “war plus.” –Timothy Snyder, “The Road to… Continue Reading →

A step forward to the UN Ocean Decade (2021-2030); the High-Level Ocean and Climate Conference.

Written by Benedetta Mantoan Our oceans have become an important asset in how we measure the impact of climate change, as they are threatened by pollution, acidification, loss of biodiversity, decreasing fish populations and coastal erosion. While reporting on the deteriorating… Continue Reading →

EU-Japan Agreement: 2019 ushers in the world’s largest trade deal ever made

Written by Ngaio Olsen-Stahl Following the Second World War, both Japan and the European continent saw incredible success in rebuilding their societies. Japan notoriously fostered an economic miracle and shot up to second place of the world’s largest economies just… Continue Reading →

Empowering women and youths: Feminist peace talk with Amalkher Djibrine Souleymane

Interview conducted by Sumudu Lankika Ginigathgala Amalkher Djibrine Souleymane is the founder and President of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) in Chad. She had a dream about bringing together African youths in order to make change and during… Continue Reading →

EU Army – Pipe Dream

Written by Bruno Castro, EST Ambassador to Portugal In the last few weeks, the creation of a European Army was back on the international agenda. After Macron, it was Merkel´s turn to publicly endorse the French President´s idea. However, either… Continue Reading →

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