For Aurélien, this last year at the head of the European Student Think was the consecration of three years of service to the organisation that marked his student life. The European Student Think Tank was the first student organisation that Aurélien joined and this allowed him to accomplish many things: from visits to institutions to writing articles, but above all encounters.  What he appreciated most was the opportunity to share his passions with other European students. 

The end of this year will therefore mark the end of Aurélien’s involvement in EST but also the beginning of his career. However, Aurélien will leave the organisation serenely, knowing that he will leave it in the hands of motivated students, ready to inspire their peers with a desire to discover Europe affairs, but also with many new opportunities.

Aurélien would like to address a special thank you to all those who made this journey a special one. 

This past year Nieves has enjoyed working in the vibrant atmosphere of the EST. Reaching fellow like-minded people and organizations across the EU has been especially fulfilling and she expects cooperation with these organizations to be just as fruitful in the upcoming term. She has loved assisting her fellow Board Members during the year and wishes them the best going forward. 

Next year, Nieves will continue in her position as Vice President and Secretary of the EST as well as finish her studies in Law and International Relations in Madrid. She is eager to meet and start working with the new Board for another amazing year!

The European Student Think Tank gave Stefan the opportunity to become active for Europe and evolve on a personal level by assuming responsibility, by managing projects with other passionate students from around the continent and by working for a common goal for the greater good of students.

Being part of EST has been a magnificent journey for Tawanda. As an Editor-in-chief, he continuously learnt new management and professional skills. This position reinforced his academic aspirations, as he is on the path to proceed to doctoral studies. With a great enthusiasm to create a diverse voice of young European researchers, Tawanda created an equal opportunity platform to all the scholars in different fields. During his term as a board member, he managed to create a strong communication interlink within the editorial department. He acknowledges the unwavering support that was provided by his editorial team.

Tawanda also is so grateful to work with amazing board members. It was such a pleasure and keepup the good work! After graduating his masters’ studies in International Relations at the University of Wroclaw, Poland. Tawanda, will no longer be part of the EST, however, he will always cherish the wonderful time and experience he acquired during his term. He wishes his successors a successful and innovative term in office. He is confident that the new team of board members will achieve more positive results.

After being part of the EST for the entirety of her 3-year bachelor, Mirjam really feels like she has grown right along with the organisation. It’s been an honour and reward to hold a variety of positions, starting in the Editorial Office, then an arts-focused Working Group, and finally in the board, all the while working with incredibly talented and hard-working students across the EU.

In July she graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a B.Sc. (Hons) in PPLE (Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics), majoring in law. During her time as an undergraduate student, she developed her passions for environmentalism, social activism, and humanitarianism, but also learned valuable lessons in nuance, perspective, and empathy.

Thanks to the EST, Mirjam has been fortunate enough to work alongside an amazing team of motivated peers, all the while deepening her understanding of the EU’s main goals and the ways to achieve them. Thereby her appreciation for this ambitious, sometimes chaotic, yet ceaselessly inspiring union of people has deepened as well.

In the coming year Mirjam will be doing an internship to gain work experience, before starting her masters in the fall of 2020, likely in the field of international law.

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