Month February 2020

EST Ambassadors on the Emergency of Climate Change: PART 1

Austria: CLIMATE CHANGE In March, demonstrations against climate change organized by Fridays for Future started in Vienna, with only a few thousand people coming together from different educational facilities. In comparison, to the global strike in September, the organizers announced… Continue Reading →

Revisiting the Lisbon Treaty ten years after its ratification

Written by Christian Schweiger (Shabka CPD Policy Blog) December 1st, 2019 marked the tenth anniversary of the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. The Lisbon Treaty still remains the latest constitutional treaty of the EU, which is rather surprising given the multiple… Continue Reading →

Exciting New Partnership and Opportunities for 2020 and Beyond!

The EST Board is very happy to announce a new partnership that we have been working on over the past few months. Shabka is our newest partner and they are a ‘Strategic Think and Do Tank’ based out of Vienna,… Continue Reading →

The Ethics of Conducting Transnational Clinical Trials

Written by Denise Quek In today’s era of globalization, there are substantial debates on the ethics of conducting transnational clinical trials. Clinical trials, with the purpose to confirm the effectiveness and to scrutinize the side effects of a new drug… Continue Reading →

The Technological Middle-Ground: R&D in the EU’s Quest for a Competitive Digital Economy

Written by Luke Cavanuagh Ursula von der Leyen, the current president of the EU Commission, began her tenure at the EU’s helm by addressing the EU’s loss of competitiveness against US Tech giants and Chinese manufacturing corporations, approving a €3.2… Continue Reading →

Cervical Cancer: A critical review of prevention and screening in Italy

Written by Bianca Maria Borrelli & Christos Tsagkaris Introduction The Cancer of the cervix Uteri or Cervical Cancer (CC)  or is defined as an abnormal proliferation of mutated cells in the internal lining of the cervix, the segment that connects the… Continue Reading →

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