Human Rights Policy Brief: on the topic of the Environment and Technology

In this document you will be able to find detailed policy briefs on two extremely important
contemporary topics. With increasing environmental risks and time pressure, the time to act is now so
that we can prevent and mitigate disastrous and irreversible outcomes. Simultaneously, we are faced
with vast technological advancements, which not only have many positive uses but can also be abused,
causing adverse human rights impacts. All of this and more will be discussed in the six policy briefs
written by the European Student Think Tank’s Working Group on Human Rights, where specific issues
are not only particularised but recommendations for tackling these issues at EU level are also made.
The first three policy briefs by Sabina Escobar, Kocha Changelia and Julia García Álvarez focus on
technology and the human rights violations that can be felt as a consequence of artificial intelligence,
cyber warfare or data protection. These are followed by the environment policy briefs that focus on
environmental rights as human rights, the human right to water and the relationship between the fashion
industry, as well as human rights and the environment, briefs which have been written by Karoline
Tolstrup Sørensen, Mari Luz Kerhoven and Olivia Serra Calvo.
We hope that these policy briefs result in careful consideration of the suggestions made to create
improvements at all levels, including a variety of stakeholders and third parties that are affected by the
negative impacts, to protect them and their human rights. May these policy briefs emphasise the
importance of these topics and be thought-provoking.

– Tabea Böglin, Head of the EST’s Working Group on Human Rights

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