Since flows of people constitute the core of EU history but also a largely misunderstood topic, the EST Working Group on Migration ambitioned for the 2022-2023 term to go beyond the misconceptions surrounding the migration phenomenon and European migration policies through the main idea of deconstructing the mainstream discourse of a “migration crisis” in Europe.

To that end, the Working Group created content divided into four perspectives on migration issues:

  • First: “Tackling migration at a local, national or international level”
  • Second: “Inclusion and empowerment of migrant populations in a European context”
  • Third: “Spotlighting migrant agency”
  • Finally: “Youth and migration”
Overall, the Working Group on Migration aimed at showing how European unity regarding migration would depend on the understanding of these issues beyond the security-humanitarian framing often attached to it.

Read the report in the pdf below

Written by Juan Jurado, Lisa Motzig, Hannah Zoe Schütt, Ana Beatriz Pelicioni, Andrea Ricci & Stephanny Ulivieri

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