Editor’s Foreword

Over a year later the war in Ukraine continues to rage, challenging the international order and propelling European states to act in the pursuit of long-term mutual security. This year’s volume of the European Policy Review explores these topics, specifically through a focus on European energy security, the European defence market, internal challenges within the EU, and soft-power politics in the Union’s near abroad. Now more than ever it is important to listen to the voices of European youth, as they increasingly continue to determine the EU’s future through both the ballot box and debate. EPR 2023 aims to facilitate this in whatever small way it can by giving well made articles a platform to engage the public with interesting ideas, analyses, and research.

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all the writers, editors, and peer reviewers that worked so hard to make this volume a reality, and who have contributed their knowledge and expertise towards improving the quality of the publication. Finally, we hope that you find the articles prepared in this journal to be informative, engaging, and thought-provoking to read.

Your own submission would also always be appreciated for the next edition of the journal!

Table of Contents

  • The EU’s Role in Preventing a New Conflict and Ensuring Sustainable Peace Between Armenia and Azerbaijan by Sossi Tatikya
  • EU Energy Crisis: From Short-Term Volatility to Long-Term Resilience by Iorgus-Serghei Cicală & Nikol Nikolova Valkanova
  • European Green Diplomacy in Jordan: Mapping Green and Sustainable Investments by Achilles Tsirgis
  • The Development of the Green Liberal Party: What Does it Mean for Green Politics in Switzerland and Abroad? by Dan Ziebarth
  • A Case for Open Borders: The Possible Solution to Global Inequality by Dragos Leonida Brotac
  • The EU and the Refugee Crisis: Sources of Failure to Adequately Respond to the Refugee Crisis and the Need for a Common European Migration and by Asylum Policy by Lea Dahlke
  • A False Dawn: Reviving the European Defence Market by Piero Barlucchi
  • Moonlighting in the European Parliament: Do Outside Activities Affect MEPs’ Parliamentary Effort? by Christian Mackeprang Bruhn
  • Towards a Transnational Party System? A Comprehensive Literature Review of European Political Parties: Origin, Institutionalisation, and Evolution by Diogo Vieira Ferreira
  • Scapegoater Brexit? An Anthropological Analysis of the Political Utilitarian Component of the 2016 UK EU Membership Referendum by René Neumann

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