Wojciech Adamczyk is a graduate from MSc China & Globalisation at King’s College London. He finished this course with merit. Going further, he is a current student at The School of Law and Economy of China at the University of Warsaw as well as of the Associateship of King’s College London (AKC) at King’s College London. Besides that, he successfully finished a university-level Summer School in Global Energy Politics at King’s College London, he holds graduation certificates from The Leadership School of Freedom Institute, as well as from The City and State Academy of National Chamber of Commerce in Poland. He possesses broad knowledge and expertise in the field of economics, politics, international relations, and transnational business. He is a Polish Native Speaker and possesses advanced English skills.

Competitive advantages:

  • Expertise in the East Asian, Chinese and European Union markets
  • HIghly skilled in the research, creation of reports, analysis and development strategies
  • Possess his own effective methods for project management and supervision of the team
  • Broad knowledge in the fields of diplomacy, politics, team management, business analysis • Experience in the B2B relationships with clients and international business partners
  • He has a practical experience in negotiating with people at various levels