European Student Think Tank Campaign topic 2022/2023

The European Student Think Tank Campaign 2022/23 “Reinforcing European Unity during Times of Crisis” aims to strengthen the need for a more united European Union (EU) in order to efficiently tackle the challenges of its future integrity.

All the recent crises and threats represent a serious danger for the unity of the EU and its Member States and require a stronger and committed approach, now more than ever. As a matter of fact, Russia’s aggression to Ukraine and energy crises have underlined the need for a more interconnected EU foreign policy that shall be capable of addressing every challenge coming from the international arena. Furthermore, the rise of sovranist parties in some Member States and the predominance of each single Member States’ interests represent the main problem for the internal order of the EU, contributing to a struggle that prevents the EU from acting unitarily. 

In addition to all of this, the persistent global threats to the respect of people’s fundamental rights require more efficient shared measures by the EU in line with its mission to promote EU values globally. 

Recognising the importance and effectiveness of a stronger European unity, we, the youth, see the need to stress our preoccupations as well as the significance of our contribution to the achievement of the aim. The role of the young people in supporting the efforts to reinforce this unity should be acknowledged and enhanced by every person and stakeholder.

The European Student Think Tank strongly stands for these goals, in line with its values and mission of bridging the gap between the European Union and the young people by involving them in the EU decision-making process and spreading the EU values and the promotion and protection of human rights.

As a consequence, we commit to dedicate a consistent part of our work to raise awareness about the importance of reinforcing European unity through the crucial contribution of the youth. In the upcoming month, our members from diverse backgrounds will conduct relevant research and publish a series of high-quality articles, academic papers and policy briefs as well as organise events, workshops and other activities on the impact of the actual crises on European unity and the best ways to tackle them. Every content will be promoted on the EST’s social media platforms even in different forms, ranging from infographics to videos.

The European Student Think Tank welcomes every interested institution, partner, external person and other relevant stakeholder to collaborate on this new initiative at the European and international level.