On behalf of the European Student Think Tank we would like to express our sincerest condolences and send our love to the people of the United Kingdom in these tragic days.

The very attempt to shatter our Parliament walls –our, because no matter whether we are British or we are French, or Italian, we are democrats –is an attack on our democracies. But our democracies that were built on values so profound as the search for equality and liberty are values that transcend centuries. Values that are unbreakable for they are not only bound to Constitutions, but they arethe driving force of Europe.

Whilst we mourn these terrible events, London, and the anniversary of the Brussels attack, we must not let fear divide us. We must not let the hate that they are trying to foster, to be a hate that divides us politically. Above all we are Europeans when we stand together in the wake of hatred, look it in the eye, and know that our democracy is stronger.

Carlota Núñez Strutt, President of the European Student Think Tank and the European Student Think Tank Board

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