Month March 2020

Policy after Corona: Implications and Opportunities for Policy Change

Written by Stefan Pfalzer Beyond the calamitous effects of the coronavirus pandemic on those who contract its severest form of respiratory syndrome and die from pneumonia, this global crisis has enormous ripple effects on our societies: be they economic, societal,… Continue Reading →

Interview with EU-Activist Nini Tsiklauri

“The power of activism lies in a strong willingness to act and commitment to create change!” Written by Tekla Scharwaschidze, EST Ambassador to the Republic of Austria About Nini: Nini Tsiklauri is an actress, writer, political activist and passionate European, who… Continue Reading →

COVID19  – 6 ideas to spend your time usefully if you have to stay at home

Written by Charlotte Magnus Your university or school has closed, or you were sent home from work to take a vacation. Suddenly, you have a lot of time on your hands – apart from the obligation to wash your hands… Continue Reading →

COVID-19: Alert, not paranoid: A sustained approach to a global crisis

Written by Aparajeya Shanker No crisis in recent memory has called for greater solidarity, self discipline and sacrifice than the current COVID-19 crisis Foreword from the author The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic requires no introduction. It has been declared a… Continue Reading →

Don’t let the Coronavirus fool you!

Written by Elodie Arpa The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. Every newspaper, every TV channel and all social media platforms are packed with live tickers, updated numbers of confirmed infections and falling stock markets. The current crisis… Continue Reading →

The incomplete Banking Union: a supranational project with an intergovernmental logic?

Written by Giulia Gallinella Introduction The creation of a Banking Union was foreseen as one of the many weapons to fight the Euro crisis. In many cases, it was also perceived as the first stepping-stone towards the formation of a political… Continue Reading →

The importance of gender equality in the policy-making process: insights from the European Union

Written by Pierfrancesco Maria Lanza (EST Ambassador to Italy, Reggio Calabria) Gender equality is one of the topics that has represented and continues to represent, one of the most important objectives of the European Union. Indeed, the EU, through its… Continue Reading →

EST Ambassadors on the Emergency of Climate Change: PART 2

Flensburg, Germany: Germany climate change policies Climate change became a hot topic on the majority of political agendas dominating most of the discussions in the last years. This is happening because the issue is alarming and it touches most aspects… Continue Reading →

Aren’t we a Union?

Written by Julia Fernández Robert Schuman’s Declaration was based on the principle of solidarity. If the Union was bound to work, it was thanks to Member States’ willingness to cooperate. Over the years, the European Union (EU) has faced a lot… Continue Reading →

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