As war keeps raging at Europe’s doorstep, the new membership applications from Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine re-ignite the debate around the EU’s enlargement process and its standards.

As the first of a two-episode coverage of the topic, this week we are joined by Juuso Järviniemi, Vice-President of JEF Europe, to analyse the requirements and various steps countries shave to go through when applying to become EU members, but also to better understand what enlargement to the East would mean for the EU, both in terms of security concerns and its internal struggle.

Listen to our episode in our Spotify and do not forget to tune in next week to uncover a new perspective to the issue: that of the applying countries, through their history, their people and their hopes for the future.

To know more about JEF Europe and their work, visit their website.

This episode was hosted by Victoria Bergstörm and Florentin Ndizeye. Edited by Laura Sanzarello, and sound engineered by Florentin Ndizeye. Research and content by Juuso Järviniemi.

Music by John Sib and Winking Fox Music.

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