The EST’s Board is run by a team of ambitious and visionary students and young professionals of International Affairs.

President – Olivia Serra Calvo

Olivia is originally from Barcelona, Spain but now living in Brussels, Belgium.

Currently, she is working for the European Parliament in the Civil Society Outreach Unit. Olivia holds a LLM in Law and Politics of International Security and a BA in International Relations. In her research activities she has focused on human rights, children’s rights, international security, and European affairs. She has experience working for think tanks and civil society.

She joined the EST as a member of the Working Group on Human Rights and then she became the Communications Director. Her vision for this term is to improve the internal workings of the organisation and to improve its connections with the work of the EU Institutions and policy makers.

Contact her via email: or via Linkedin.

Vice-President – Annalisa Scaletta

Annalisa is originally from Italy but has lived in Russia, the UK, the Netherlands, and Belgium over the last decade.

Her passion for EU affairs has developed throughout her MA studies in Sociology at the University of Glasgow and European Policy at the University of Amsterdam. In particular, she has a sheer interest in migration, asylum, and border management policies and has been working in that field since the completion of her studies.

As one of the EST Vice Presidents for this term, Annalisa is committed to strengthening even further the cooperation with partner organisations and building a strong community feeling among the EST members. Annalisa is fluent in Italian, English, and Russian and has a working knowledge of Spanish, French, and German.

Contact her via email: or via Linkedin.

Treasurer – Lucas Volmich

Lucas is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business at the University of Zurich, and has a strong interest in Asian-European relations.

As a Japanese, Luxembourgish, German national and having lived in several different countries in Europe and Asia, he has a very international background and experience. As the Treasurer of the European Student Think Tank, he is tasked with overseeing the finances and transactions of the organization.

He is confident that working as a member of the European Student Think Tank, with many other young professionals, will provide him with essential skills he can benefit from in his future career.

Contact him via email: or via LinkedIn.

Head of the International Office – Laura González Alonso

Laura González Alonso is currently finishing her MBA in International Management in Madrid. She holds two bachelor’s from the University of Salamanca, in law and translation and interpreting. During her LLB, she became passionate about EU affairs, policy making and International Public Law (with her thesis focusing on the applicability of NATO’s and EU’s self-defense clauses to the Russian invasion of Ukraine).

She speaks Spanish, English, French and a bit of German and usually spends her summers abroad to improve a foreign language, so as to gain a better understanding of it through its culture and people. Thanks to her experience as a translator in the United Nations and as a legal intern in the Spanish General Consulate in Frankfurt, she got used to successfully leading international and multicultural teams. Throughout her studies and internships, Laura discovered her interest in promoting corporate social responsibility, inclusiveness and transformational leadership.

After a successful mandate as President of ELSA Spain, she decided to join the EST as Head of the International Office to continue promoting human rights but this time at the European level. She strongly believes in the power of young people to achieve a positive impact on the EU’s policy making through initiatives such as the EST and is eager to work and exchange experiences and ideas with people from all over the world.

Contact her via email: or via Linkedin.

Editor-in-Chief: Sara Lolli

Sara is a dedicated young professional whose journey began with foreign languages, evolved into international relations, and flourished into European studies at the Université libre de Bruxelles. Fluent in English, French, Portuguese, and Standard/Levantine Arabic and having lived in four different countries, her linguistic palette reflects her cosmopolitan path.

Sara’s passion lies in European foreign policy, particularly towards the Global South, with a keen focus on MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa and on social justice and migration issues. Her last internship experience in Brussels at the European Business Council for Africa and the Mediterranean (EBCAM) has honed her expertise in EU-Africa cooperation.

Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, she is deeply committed to research, writing, and fostering intercultural and respectful dialogue.

Contact her via email: or via Linkedin.

Editor-in-Chief: Tommaso Filippini

Tommaso is originally from Italy and currently living in Brussels, Belgium. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and a Master of Arts in European Studies.

Formerly an editor for the Security and Defence team at EST, he has experience in international and security relations, editing and copywriting.

Tommaso speaks Italian, English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Contact him via email: or via Linkedin.

Editor-in-Chief: Carla Posch

Carla is currently a research associate at an executive search firm in Amsterdam where she focuses on executive roles within higher education and the social impact & environment sector, working with the likes of Leiden University, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and ILGA Europe.

She holds a BA in European Studies from the University of Passau and an LLM in Law and Politics of International Security from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Before joining the Editorial Office as Deputy Editor-in-Chief, she was a member of the EST’s Working Group on Human Rights.

Carla is especially passionate about inclusive leadership, EU external affairs and human rights.

Contact her via email: or via Linkedin.

Working Groups Coordinator – Celina Bester

Celina, formerly EST’s Ambassador for Germany, recently finished her Master’s in European Studies, emphasising Feminist Foreign & Security Policy in the EU, after her Bachelor’s in social sciences & intercultural relations. Now pursuing a second Master’s in Social Work focusing on gender in conflict in the context of flight and migration in Jordan, she’s enhancing her Arabic skills and combining her international experiences from Morocco, Kenya, and Argentina.

Multilingual and passionate about collaboration, her academic and global insights are set to spur the motivation of the seven Working Groups in the term 2023/2024. As the newly appointed Coordinator of the Working Groups, Celina’s dedication to fostering team spirit and coordinating research will represent and enhance EST advocacy efforts and goals.

Celina likes to embrace wearing non-matching patterns and colours.

Contact her via email: or via Linkedin.

Director of Communications – Najima Jafarli

Najima is a final-year Bachelor of Business Administration student at KU Leuven Campus Brussels. Her academic journey has been accompanied by a deep-rooted passion for the European Union. This year, she took a significant step in pursuing her passion by joining the European Student Think Tank.
Aspiring to extend beyond the classroom, she aims to gain hands-on experience in EU politics with a strong desire to secure an internship at one of the parliamentary institutions, where she can actively engage with the decision-making processes that shape the future of Europe.

Fluency in Azerbaijani, Turkish, and English, along with her budding French skills, equips Najima with the ability to navigate the multilingual and diverse landscape of EU politics. With her academic background and a keen interest in EU affairs, Najima is poised to make a meaningful contribution to the world of European politics and policymaking.

Contact her via email: or via Linkedin.

EST logo

The EST Logo was updated in December 2019 and designed by Mirjam Müller, a former EST Director of Communications 2018/2019.

Board 2022-23:
  • President – Pierfrancesco Maria Lanza
  • Vice-Presidents – Rosa Jorba & Tabea Boglin
  • Treasurer – Lorenzo Foglietti
  • Editors-in-Chief: Dyuti Pandya & Daemon Ortega
  • Deputy Editors-in-Chief: Annica Auer & Alba Medina Bousono
  • Working Groups Coordinator – Annalisa Scaletta
  • Director of Communications – Olivia Serra Calvo
  • Deputy Director of Communications – Bianca Volmich
  • International Officers – Paula Barredo, Alifia Afflatus, Deborah Conserva & Angela Cano Lloret

Board 2021-22:

  • President – Julia Blanken
  • Vice-Presidents – Pierfrancesco Maria Lanza & Diogo Nunes
  • Treasurer – Maxim Waal
  • Fundraising Officer: Rosa Lokenberg
  • Editors-in-Chief: Laura Sanzarello & Harvey Dryer
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Alexandra ‘Lulu’ Smith
  • Director of Communication (Website Manager) – Olivia Serra Calvo
  • Director of Communication (Social Media) – Colin Hardage & Fotios Kotzakioulafis
  • Social Media Deputy Manager – Mădălina Ifrim
  • Head of the International Office – Ana Sofia Cabral
  • International Officers – Aparajeya Shanker, Shota Mshvenieradze, Adrian Kokk, Pauline Oleon, Rosa Jorba

Board 2020-21:

  • President – Marina Navarro Montilla
  • Vice-President for Partnerships – Julia Blanken
  • Vice-President for Events – Christos Tsagkaris
  • Treasurers – Erdal Ferer, Sofia Morch, Lea Siebel
  • Editors-in-Chief: Đăng Đạo Nguyễn, Luke Cavanaugh
  • Director of Communication (Website Director) – Zachary Egan
  • Director of Communication (Social Media) – Hande Yetkin
  • Working Group Coordinator – Oshin Behl
  • Head of the International Office – Pierfrancesco Maria Lanza
  • International Officers – Victor González Tapia, Carmen Murgu, Enrique Fernández

Board 2019-20:

  • President – Stefan Pfalzer
  • Secretary – Nieves Delgado
  • Treasurer – Erdal Ferer
  • International Officer – Marina Navarro
  • Editors-in-Chief: Christos Tsagkaris, Loyle Campbell
  • Director of Communication – Sofia Morch
  • Campaign and Events Manager – Elodie Arpa
  • External Relations – Yasmin De Fraiture

Board 2018-19:

  • President – Aurélien Pommier
  • Secretary – Nieves Delgado
  • Treasurer – Chaima Nbigui
  • International Officer – Stefan Pfalzer
  • Editor-in-Chief – Tawanda Munyuki
  • Director of Communication – Mirjam Muller

Board 2017-18:

  • Presidents – Angelique Truijens, Carlota Núñez Strutt
  • Secretary – Marlene Straub
  • Treasurer – Joris Heuker
  • International Officer – Aurélien Pommier
  • Editor-in-Chief – Cindy Langer
  • Director of Communication – Moïra Tourneur

Board 2016-17:

  • President – Carlota Núñez Strutt
  • Secretary – Jonne Kamphorst
  • Treasurer – Laurens Van der Sluijs
  • International Officer – Johannes Tropper
  • Editor-in-Chief – Tanith Lee
  • Events Manager – Cecilia Passaniti
  • Director of Communication – Jonas Fritz

Board 2015-16:

  • President – Kate Perdikis
  • Secretary – Sietse Blom
  • Treasurer – Swiss Juriens
  • International Officer – Rebecca Fobbe
  • Editor-in-Chief – Enrike van Wingerden
  • Events Manager – Tamira Vossen
  • Director of Communication – Carlota Núñez Strutt

Board 2014-15:

  • President – Marten Kooistra
  • Secretary – Rebecca Fobbe
  • Treasurer – Erik Merkus
  • International Officer – Etienne Verschuren
  • Editor-in-Chief – Dimitris M. Perdikoulis

Board 2013-14:

  • President – Remco Zwetsloot
  • Secretary – Rianne Keeler
  • Treasurer – Gina Plat / Leander van Splunter
  • International Officer – Samira Gonsalves
  • Editor-in-Chief – Katrien Volleman
  • Events Manager – Yanís Pelinski
  • PR Officer – Nicolas Castellon

Board 2012-13:

  • President – Sahar Nasiri
  • Secretary – Laurie Kemp
  • Treasurer – Nerijus Cerniauskas
  • International Officer – Jean-Baptiste Houdart
  • Editor-in-Chief – Karina Rinaldi-Doligez
  • Events Manager – Andreas Bonte / Frieder Kuehne
  • PR Officer – Maryama Warong

Our Founders

The European Stu­dent Think Tank was foun­ded by three stu­dents linked to the Uni­ver­sity of Ams­ter­dam and the Ams­ter­dam Uni­ver­sity Col­lege in The Netherlands.

  • Eline Böt­ger
    President (2010-2012), Co-Founder
  • Sari Nijssen
    Secretary, Vice-President (2010-2012), Co-Founder
  • Char­lotte Baarda
    Treasurer, Vice-President (2010-2012), Co-Founder