EST Academy

The European Student Think Tank is pleased to announce its 2024 EST Academy: OUR European Elections?, which will take place online on April 26th – 27th and May 8th – 17th. 

With its interdisciplinary approach, the EST Academy offers a robust conceptual framework for exploring both current and future events impacting the EU, particularly given the forthcoming European elections in 6-9 June.


Over the course of two weekends, participants will delve into six main sessions. Each session is precisely tailored to assess the European Union’s priorities for the current legislature 2019-2024 and think of the challenges ahead of the European elections. From the innovative strategies outlined in the European Green Deal to navigating the complexities of a digitally-driven Europe, the program will address a spectrum of topics including economic resilience, global influence, democracy and migration. 

An official “Certificate of Participation” will be issued to all participants who attend at least 3 out of the 6 main sessions of the Academy

Each session will be led by  distinguished experts in the field, ranging from academics to think tank professionals and practitioners. Participants of the EST Academy will gain invaluable insights from experts actively shaping these discussions and will have the opportunity to participate in meaningful discussions, representing the perspectives and concerns of young people.

Sessions & Dates

Welcome and Introduction to the European Parliament’s elections campaign 
Friday, April 26th, 15:30 –  16:00h CET
Speakers: Olivia Serra Calvo, EST President
Giulia Busolin, Project Manager at European Parliament DG COMM

Session 1: Will European elections foster economic growth for young entrepreneurs?
Friday, April 26th, 16:00 –  17:30h CET
Speaker: Thomas Thaler, Senior Associate Director at APCO Worldwide

Session 2: Where next for advancing democracy in the EU?
Saturday, April 27th, 15:00 – 16:30h CET
Speaker: Hans Kundnani, Associate Fellow, Europe programme, The Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House

Session 3: EU Migration Pact unpacked: what’s next?
Wednesday, May 8th , 16:30 -18:00h CET
Speaker: Aurelie Belzunces, Head of Sector for Integration European Commission DG HOME

Session 4: A look at the European elections: How is the EU balancing digital innovation and security?
Friday, May 10th, 12:30 –  14:00h CET
Speakers: Kai Zenner, Head of Office and Digital Policy Adviser, European Parliament
Clément Perarnaud, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Brussels School of Governance, VUB.
Natascia Arcifa, President & Head of Public Affairs, One Hour For Europe.

Session 5: What will the impact of European elections be on EU Enlargement policy?
Saturday, May 11th, 10:00 – 11:30h CET
Speakers: Daniel Prroni, Project Coordinator and Researcher, Institute for Democracy and Mediation

Session 6: EU Green Deal – Insights on Climate Action and Sustainability
Friday, May 17th, 15:30 –  17:00h CET
Speaker: Sevim Aktas, Policy Officer, European Commission DG CLIMA

Closing remarks
Friday, May 17th, 17:00 – 17:30h CET
Speakers: Olivia Serra Calvo, President, European Student Think Tank
Annalisa Scaletta, Vice-President, European Student Think Tank

* Please be aware that these are only tentative time slots and might be subject to change. The final detailed programme, as well as any preparatory material for the sessions, will be shared with registered participants before the start of the EST Academy.


The EST Academy is ideal for current Bachelor’s and Master’s students in the fields of law, political sciences, economics, international relations from any country, but also any other person who would like to deepen their knowledge of the European Union and relevant topics. Given that the entirety of the programme will be conducted in English, participants are required to possess a strong command of the language, in order to engage effectively and obtain maximum benefit from the learning experience.

Participation Fee

There is a participation fee to join the EST Academy. This supports our efforts in facilitating valuable discussions and ensuring the accessibility of our events to all interested individuals.

Participation fee is 10€ for non-EST members and 5€ for current EST members. 

How to Participate

Interested candidates may register through this form at the latest by Thursday 16th of May at 23:59. Upon successful registration, participants will receive a confirmation email. At a later stage a second email will be sent with all the necessary information for attending the session.


For any inquiry, please contact us at: