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Big Phil to Valdis Dombrovskis: A Reset in EU-US Trade Relations?

Written by Maximilian Magnacca Part of the series ‘The Future of European Trade: Challenges and Hopes’ Phil Hogan, or Big Phil as he is known in certain circles, has had a long history of increasingly senior political roles both in… Continue Reading →

The Politics of Emissions Reduction Targets: How Targets Can Fool You

Part of the column ‘The European Green Deal Explained: The EU’s attempts to save the Climate’ Written by Joran Buwalda In the previous column, we looked at the three main instruments that the EU uses to reduce emissions. We will… Continue Reading →

Digital Evolution: Regulating the Online Right to Free Speech

Part of the series ‘European Human Rights: A 21st Century Challenge’ Written by Luke Cavanaugh As the foremost emergent issue of the twenty-first century, technology has found itself at the centre of discussions on European Human Rights over the past… Continue Reading →

How the extradition case against Julian Assange might determine the future of media freedom in Europe

Author: Laura Sanzarello Column Series “Threats to Media” When thinking about threats to free media, recent events across the world have gotten us used to riots, harsh censorship and violence, and journalists dressed in orange uniforms kneeling in front of… Continue Reading →

How Covid changed education across the EU

Author: Jacopo Lazzarin Column series “The state of Education at the time of Coronavirus” In this first column focused on the relation between Education and Covid I will try to give you an overview of how European countries responded and… Continue Reading →

The European Green Deal: How the EU aims to become climate neutral by 2050

Part of the series ‘The European Green Deal explained: how the EU wants to save the climate’ Written by Joran Buwalda With its European Green Deal, the EU aims to be climate neutral by 2050. To illustrate the magnitude of… Continue Reading →

Defining Human Rights in the 21st Century

Part of the series ‘European Human Rights: A 21st Century Challenge’ Written by Luke Cavanaugh In light of the turmoil of the Coronavirus, Brexit and the rise European Populism, one could be forgiven for overlooking the fact that the EU… Continue Reading →

V4’s Geopolitical Solidarity and its Limitations

Part of the series ‘Visegrad Four: Cohesion and Divergence’ Written by Piotr Marcyznski On the 19th of August, presidents of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic issued a joint statement supporting “the right of the people of Belarus to… Continue Reading →

How is (or isn’t) the EU dealing with the Eastern Mediterranean crisis?

Written by Virginia Tosti In international affairs, it is often the case that conflicts arise when there is no common agreement on what specific law should apply in a given situation; despite conventions and treaties, international law remains misleading or… Continue Reading →

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